The Infinite Journey Philosophy

Brick by brick, we lay the foundation for the type of change that yields the most rewarding results, and leads to the most lasting change.
It is only through looking inward and fixing what is “broken” or in need of help in your dental practice—this is the first step—when the *magic* begins. Next we focus on the externalization of the changes we need to implement as we build your new foundation … brick by brick.
We focus on fundamentals of building and empowering your team first and foremost rather than jumping straight to profitability, as without a solid foundation in place, profitability isn’t sustainable. When you build it from the ground up—the right way—profitability is often a tangible result. Now you can change the mindset of each member on your team to focus on the greater good.

Trina Poulsen

Dental Business Coach Trina PoulsenTrina has 35 years in Dentistry. Her career evolved from dental-assisting in a general dental office, to 27 years experience as a Dental Hygienist. These experiences have provided her with an extremely diverse and expansive knowledge of internal business operations and intricacies, around which dental professional environments evolve.

Trina has been a leader and a facilitator in her roles as an advisor to hygiene students, and a former President of the Washington Dental Hygienists’ Association. Also, a proven leader in her community, her experience as an educator prepared her to inspire other individuals to feel a sense of purpose, autonomy, competence and desire for life-long learning. Trina continues to grow professionally with her skills and knowledge by applying infinite solutions for individuals and dental teams.

Santiago Valdez

Dental Business Coach Santiago ValdezSantiago has 25 years in Dentistry. His career started out in periodontics in the capacity of dental assistant and evolved into a career of 16 years as a clinical Dental Hygienist. His passion for Dentistry also motivated him as a dental hygiene educator where his dynamic personality inspired and facilitated limitless potential.

Having experiences with dental professionals who’ve thrived by providing top-level care for their patients, Santiago benefited greatly from such environments. He is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to influence a team through growth mindset and helping them realize their goals.