Dental Practice Solutions with Trina Poulsen and Santiago Valdez

The ‘Infinite’ Part of the Infinite Journey

Infinite means it keeps going—breaks from the chains of prior judgement, antiquated and faulty systems and information—and keeps evolving and getting better.

We identify weaknesses and roadblocks, assess under-performing systems, rebuild them and re-establish your dental hygiene department to flourish, taking into account everything that affects the integrity and profitability of your business.

The Infinite Journey is a system of liberation and inspiration. You’ll be inspired to leave behind ideas, beliefs and systems that no longer serve your mission, goals and values for the practice and liberate toward positive growth and personal and practice vision.

Once we’ve identified obstructions and blocks, we work with you and your team to define your treatment philosophy and hygiene service mix and to make sure the channels of communication are clear and your whole team is not only on board, but committed to their evolution and growth, individually and as a whole.

We work using a step-by-step process to put set up a holistic infrastructure, in place through:

  • Active Goal Setting
  • New Protocols
  • New Systems

Carried out transparently with: 

  • A system of checks and balances
  • Daily communication
  • Organization of tasks
  • Accountability
  • A system of positive empowerment

Broken down into: 

  • Team morale/mindset
  • Business management systems
  • Quality of hygiene care

Are You Ready to Make the Change You Need?

No two dental hygiene departments are exactly alike. Each solution will be customized and flexible because as we begin making progress, new details may emerge that can lead us to adjust the course and our strategy, as needed. That’s the beauty of how we set up your dental hygiene consulting plan, there is freedom to massage as we go along. We lead, support and guide you to sustainable results.

Our Analysis Takes Into Account:

Your dental hygiene practice’s existing diagnostics, clinical and hygiene business systems, and protocols so that we can define new protocols and implement new, improved systems that will set you up for sustainable growth and a more invested team with an expanded pool of healthier, happier patients.

One Common Dental Hygiene Practice Problem We Fix

When there is a lack of standardized communication between your hygienist(s) and dental team, often patients can be treated with inconsistent standard of care. With Infinite Journey, we help to ensure all patient care is elevated and streamlined, which leads to more sharing of ideas among your staff, more innovation, and more confidence among you team. This leads to higher quality patient care and a more grateful (and expanding) client base.

How We Work

Once we identify roadblocks and define clear expectations, we map out your Infinite Journey. No two plans are identical. Other components you will need to succeed with the program are: a good leader, a team that is given a “safe” forum to articulate their ideas and concerns, and a shared willingness to succeed. We will work with you and your team with the Infinite Journey program, which consists of:


  • Initial Two-Day On-Site Learning and Coaching Sessions
  • Three-Month On-Site Learning and Coaching Session
  • An Optional On-Site Learning and Coaching Session
  • Six-Month On-Site Learning and Coaching Session
  • An Optional Future Strategies Coaching Session

What you get:

  • Always-On Communications
  • Dinner Meeting
  • In-Office Visits
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Mindset Training

We help you task the team with system implementation, check in regularly to review, help you set up daily checklists and communication, reinforce and build a sustainable action plan for growth – we also help you map out your future roadmap and target quarterly goals, for the duration, as part of your infinite journey.