Among many of the services our dental hygiene consulting firm offers is that of engaging your dental office infrastructure. A solid infrastructure is as key to a dental practice as it is when building a skyscraper. If you want to see your dental profits climb higher, your foundation and upwards infrastructure must be sturdy enough to support it. Infinite Hygiene, your premier RDH consulting business, is here to help you achieve just that.

Discovering Your “Why”

Infinite Hygiene helps integrate your dental practice vision and mission statement with your practice philosophy. We get to the core of why you do what you do and what makes your practice and team extraordinary. Is your differentiating factor your incredible staff? Your bold leadership? Your state of the art equipment? We help you define your uniqueness!

Implementing New Protocols

Once we’ve helped you assess and discover your “why,” we can move forward with your actual goal setting. New protocols allow you to accomplish a variety of improvements to your dental office infrastructure. For instance, many offices choose to utilize their dental assistants in the expanded duties function and others choose to cross-train their entire team. Some offices need protocols in place to boost leadership skills or to simply keep the team motivated and growing. By implementing new protocols the quality of care is optimized.

Implementing New Systems

How are patients being treated in your practice? Goals can also revolve around the systems you have in place concerning customer service and communication. How consistent are your patient experiences across the board? If you find that your office is the target of a wide swathe of reviews and experiences from patients, you may be in the need for a new system concerning how your patients are treated and cared for- and even greeted.

Systems. Behaviors. Office policies. Infinite Hygiene collaborates with your team to identify your strengths and weaknesses to help make your practice extraordinary. Infinite Hygiene diagnoses your dental practice problems, and we strive to not only educate you about those problems but to ensure that they are treated – much like a dentist and their patient. We are the holistic dental business coach designed to help your build your practice from the inside-out. For that? You need our dental hygiene consulting for your office infrastructure.