Trina and Santiago Valdez

Gain sustainable systems and strategies for clinical empowerment, team enrichment, and increased practice growth and development.

Through their presentations and training sessions, Trina Poulsen, RDH, BSDH and Santiago Valdez, RDH, Co-Founders of Infinite Hygiene Consulting, LLC share from their 60+ years of experience as dental assistants, hygienists, educators, and facilitators.

Dynamic Presentations
Elevate Practice Harmony through Mindful Dentistry

In this interactive, engaging seminar, discover strategies and tools for nurturing self-directed leaders. Remove barriers in your practice that keep your team from reaching success!

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Elevate Practice Profitability through Current Trends in Periodontal Staging and Grading

Increase patient conversion and practice production with the actionable steps gained in this fast-paced, robust seminar.

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Speaker Packet

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