Backflow Is No Bueno!

As dental teams are returning back to their practices we are all reviewing systems, processes and tools to help us elevate our standards of care post covid.

Last week Infinite Hygiene Consulting discussed aerosol management and HVE solutions for dental professionals to consider. This week let’s review another tip!

With all the renewed concern for aerosols, most dental practices will have multiple practicioners using both LVE and HVE at the same time so we need to review a tool that is often overlooked — backflow valves!

We are all familiar by now that the CDC has advised us to not allow our patients to close their lips around the saliva ejector due to backflow in which the patients tissue causes a partial vacuum that retracts fluids back into the patients mouth and it may not be theirs!

This also happens when there is a drop of pressure when using LVE and HVE at the same time in a small space or when multiple operators are burdening the existing central vacuum system.

Today there are several products on the market that offer simple solutions for everyone to eliminate backflow.

Two popular disposable options to consider are:

Dove Dental Products for valves and the Crosstex Safe-Flo sytems

What system are you using at your practice to reduce cross-contamination? How often are you cleaning your vacuum lines and changing your screens?

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