Dental Billing Code Updates (2017)

We live in the age of information. Technology has us connected more than ever before and new studies, experiences, workshops, and experiments travel through this network like lightning. When it comes to dentistry and dental practices, this is no different. Dentists are constantly updating and improving their techniques and the industry itself continually refreshes its rules, regulations, and codes to match the development of state of the art techniques and equipment as well as the use of evidence based medicine. It can sometimes be difficult for a dental practice to keep up with the trends before they have swept past and beyond them, especially for a new or developing practice. This is where dental hygiene consulting – truly all-inclusive and innovative dental hygiene consulting – comes in.

As a dental business coach, we are committed to serving your whole practice, not just one tiny facet of it. And an enormously important part of serving that whole practice? Keeping you well-informed about dental industry standards and changes. You may not have time to do the research yourself, and even if you do, it can sometimes be easy to miss some of the smaller or more elusive changes, like with dental hygiene codes. Don’t let yourself fall behind in the dental industry, no matter the size of your practice. Infinite Hygiene is here to keep you at the forefront.
dental billing code updates for 2017

Industry Refresh Presentations

Experience one of Infinite Hygiene’s dental industry refresh presentations today. One of our latest presentations included an update on a new billing code that affects the gingivitis diagnosis. If you hadn’t heard of that code yet, be sure to take us up on one of our presentations. We give you the information you need without being overwhelming or time consuming. Every industry, to stay active, needs to be fluid. The dental industry is no different, and seeing an introduction of new billing codes or even new terminology is no surprise. Infinite Hygiene does the research for you. What you might miss we are sure to catch, and what we do catch we bring to you in an easy-to-digest presentation.

Dentist profits rely on a truly exceptional dental practice and committed team. With the help of Infinite Hygiene’s industry continued education presentations, you don’t have to worry about what you’re missing in the larger world of the dental industry. We keep you on point and offer Continuing Education credits to keep you and your team updated and empowered. We are serious about taking your dental practice to the next level with our RDH consulting.

Stay informed by taking advantage of our dental industry continued education presentations. They’re designed to make sure you stay exactly that – refreshed in the dental industry, with our highly specialized and customized dental hygiene consulting.