Building a successful business doesn’t mean you spend more time with your calculator and your Excel spreadsheet than with the people who make your business successful. Dental profits are important, but they’re only one piece to an overarching whole- and for a truly long-lasting and flourishing dental practice with optimal patient care? You need dental team coaching. This is where our dental hygiene consulting firm comes in.

Infinite Hygiene specializes in RDH consulting. As a part of that consulting, we offer teamwork building exercises and coaching. The right dental consultant knows that crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s isn’t going to create an inviting, warm employee culture that will ultimately benefit both the business and its clients. The right dental consultant knows how to groom a dental practice- and not only how to groom it, but how to plant the seeds of success that will bloom well into the future.

We utilize enrichment activities over the course of several months to create a harmonious workplace atmosphere and an open understanding between your dental team members. Infinite Hygiene seeks to empower dental practices by increasing growth and development, and by advocating overall business excellence. Business excellence means a satisfied client and service every time, and that excellence begins at the base. The base? Your dental team.

Look forward to hands-on activities and break-out sessions with Infinite Hygiene’s onsite RDH consulting. A customized retreat may even be recommended, where your team members can relax and enjoy a wide variety of coaching events that bring them together and sharpen their sense of unity. Often workplace employees share hours of work time together, but hardly any time outside of that space. Infinite Hygiene offers coaching that brings these often-disconnected teams together in a way that builds teamwork and trust.

You need a dental business coach to take the next step in your dental practice. Whether your practice is accruing new growth, remaining stable, or just starting out, Infinite Hygiene customizes a strategy to fit you. Your dental team might have just a couple of people, or it might fill a small building. Regardless of your size, experience, and success story, Infinite Hygiene has something to offer you in the way of dental hygiene consulting and teamwork building exercises.

Optimal patient care doesn’t come by doing the same-old same-old. You become the best by practicing your skills, strengthening your team, and building your core values.

Infinite Hygiene | The Right Solution for Your Business

To this end, Infinite Hygiene is your solution. Our team building exercises are designed to refresh your employee relationships and reinforce community, education, and cooperation. With our dental coaching, your team members will communicate more clearly and readily, which inevitably will open up the channels of trust and solidarity to attain your desired practice vision.

Infinite Hygiene exists to make you more successful. Yes, your calculator and Excel spreadsheet are important, but to forsake the living and breathing parts of your business in preference of them is as much of a mistake as the reverse. Our dental practice solutions are all-encompassing, and they don’t leave a single part of your business out. Our teamwork building exercises and team coaching are designed to accommodate any dental practice- including yours.

Dentists aren’t merely dentists- as any independent dental practice could tell you. When you’re a dentist running your own practice, you’re as much a clinician as you are a businessperson and a manager. You could be the most talented dentist in the world, and still potentially have a clinic frozen by stagnation. Because business and leadership skills often fall by the wayside of dental education, more than one practice has found itself stuck, without knowing the why or the how of getting un-stuck. The short answer to preventing or untangling yourself from this problem? Bring a dental consultant onboard. The following are just a few of the most important services a dental hygiene consultant can offer your practice.

1. Outside Perspective

As with any type of independent business, an outside perspective is priceless. For both practices that have been around for years and ones just starting, getting an outsider’s perspective is invaluable to finding cracks and holes. Even the most well-run dental practice inevitably has an area where they can improve, sometimes drastically. Infinite Hygiene can spot the flaws in your execution and lead you in the right direction towards repair.

2. System Creation

Practice-management systems are key to a dental practice’s financial success. These systems are loosely defined as principles used in the operation and management of a dental practice. The basic structure of practice-management systems will be similar across a variety of clinics, but it’s the network of core values behind the system that lends uniqueness to each practice. Infinite Hygiene helps you to not only build your system if it isn’t already in place, but also to discover what your defining values are.

3. Encourage Positive Culture

As mentioned previously, dentists must be managers as well as clinicians. The success of a dental practice has a great deal to do with the synergy in its team members. Is your work culture a positive one? Are there tensions that need to be address in the office, or communication holes that need to be filled? Dental consultants identify those problem areas and help to encourage a warm, team-focused atmosphere.

4. Offer Tools

Dental consultants aren’t without a toolkit that covers a wide range of issues afflicting a dental practice. Whether your weak point is finance handling, team building, operations, or otherwise, a dental consultant is equipped to offer you strategies and techniques for overcoming that challenge. Goal-setting is a common foundation for helping a practice to ascertain distinct issues and strive to overcome them.

5. Drive Energy

Having something at stake helps to fuel action and progress. Bringing a dental consultant on ensures that your practice has now acknowledged the need for help and committed itself to the change. Infinite Hygiene brings a high-energy approach from the very start to build a momentum that will last through the consulting course and beyond. Dental consultants work to open minds and encourage people to try new things and be available to new ideas. Infinite Hygiene acts as a driving force to open up doors both in and for your dental business.

You’re a dentist. You have a practice. Why do you need a dental consultant? Don’t be fooled into thinking a consultant tackles only one facet of your business. A consultant provides an outside viewpoint, a toolkit, and positive energy that any business, no matter its current level of success, could use. Sometimes an imperfection can only be spotted by a well-trained and dedicated eye. Infinite Hygiene provides that eye.