Team Building Exercise #53

We all have challenges in our lives and in dentistry. Most of these require change and most importantly transformation. What is the difference between change and transformation?

Change uses external influences to modify actions and achieve desired results.
Transformation uses internal influences to modify our values and beliefs so actions become more authentic and sustainable.

Unlike transformation, change requires constant monitoring and maintenance. Change makes the system better; transformation causes new systems to adapt, emerge and evolve.

Change fixes the past, transformation creates the future.

Lets get some perspective with the following exercise:
Gather a pen and paper for each team member.
Have each team member write their name 5 times.
Next, have them switch hands and write their name 5 more times.
Discuss what happened when hands were switched.
Once more, without saying which hand to use, have each team member write their name 5 more times.

What hand did they choose to write with? Why? Did they notice it was easier to gravitate towards what they already know?
Discuss what limits change and transformation.

Exercise # 53: Create a culture of transformation.