Team Building Exercise #54

Many of us struggle with finding time to set goals and our day suddenly fills up and we find at the end of the day we left some of the most important items left undone. Frustrating isn’t it? This exercise helps us to prioritize the most important tasks that need to be accomplished.

We call them MIT’s- Most Important Tasks! It helps if you limit it to three tasks and we suggest one of the three be related to your goals so that you take-action steps every day to move toward your personal and professional goals. It helps with identifying what matters most and what you can do to make it happen.

Try this exercise first thing in the morning so that you are focused and get them completed before you are distracted by the other tasks that will inevitably come your way.

What are the three things I must accomplish today? Look at my personal life, professional life, the practice or any other setting. The key is to know the exact one thing I will do each day to make consistent progress toward my goal.

Exercise # 54: Identify my Most Important Tasks (MIT).