Team Building Exercise #55

The benefits of team volunteering are numerous. By helping others, you’re helping yourself improve as a person. Giving back creates the opportunity to help make change in a community, work towards creating unity in the team and empowering your own self-worth. You’ll gain a huge sense of achievement as a group by becoming part of a solution. You’ll work towards establishing a practice culture that includes social responsibility. You’ll partake in something memorable that couldn’t be done in the practice alone by providing a sense of achievement and purpose.

Volunteering helps develop new skills, create professional alliances and networking opportunities and is the gateway to a healthier longer life. It also adds fun to your years of work. By opening a door to multi-cultural diversity, it helps curb biases and judgments. A volunteering program can provide increased visibility for your business and can generate positive media coverage.

There is never a wrong time to give back!

Exercise # 55: Create an opportunity to volunteer as a team.