Team Building Exercise #56

This exercise will work on being an active listener as we engage in our work and move toward the process of Co-discovery. Engaging is about connection. The safer people feel the more they engage. It is about the experience of being heard and seen. Listening is the avenue for empathy and foundation for building trust.

“When you start with a question you build a common thread.” -Joan Unterschuetz

This exercise starts with a check-in question for the team. Have everyone pair up and ask the question: What has been challenging you for the past month? The first team member gets 2 minutes to speak then switch roles for another 2 minutes. The listener should not respond with solutions or use “I” or “Me” statements. Listen with perspective and with an open heart.

As the speaker, how does that make you feel? As the listener, how does that make you feel? Were you able to focus on listening instead of a solution? Were you present and engaged in the conversation?

Open your eyes to see others where they are and not where you want them to be!

Exercise # 56: For 2 minutes ask questions but do not give solutions. Listen to connect.