Team Building Exercise #60

We get into the habit for saying “thank you” to everything. It becomes a reaction instead of an interaction. We forget to call out specific things. We stop identifying the real qualities we appreciate about the person or relationship. We become generic with our gratitude and important details- the building blocks of genuine relationships are lost.

Recognize what we are giving thanks for and the responses become more genuine. Avoiding repetition and casualness can show respect and appreciation that the other person is not taken for granted.

There are several ways to say, “thank you”. Try one of these the next time you want to show gratitude for a team member’s help.

“I’m impressed with your patient care.”
“Our patients and office value your work.”
“I value your time.”
“I couldn’t have filled the schedule without your help.”
“Thank you for staying late on a busy day.”
“Thank you for seeing that patient during your lunch time.”
“Thank you for being a great leader in the practice.”

Exercise # 60: Tell a team member “thank you” for something specific they have done for you, the practice, another team member or a patient. Be specific and appreciative and let them know how it makes you feel.