Team Building Exercise #64

Working from Exercise #63, and now that curiosity has been established about a team member and their needs and objectives, we are going to find a way to be helpful. This exercise helps your team work together toward practice and individual goals and can be transformational in team building.

Think about 2-3 team members’ goals and their responsibilities. Write them down.
Identify ways you have made each team member’s job more difficult or mistakes and misunderstandings you need to take responsibility for.

Think of ways you could help. For each team member, write down 1-3 things that you could do to be more helpful.
Meet with team members and share your responses with them. Share what you can give to help them meet their goals.

Did you find resolution through self-awareness? Organizational awareness?
What did you discover about your role in conflicts?

In the quest for increased human connection and accountability, re-framing your practice mindset will allow your team to reach new levels of relational success and vision.

Exercise # 64: Discover your impact on other’s success.