Team Building Exercise #67

We don’t all see the same things in dentistry, yet we are amazed when our patients’ views are not persuaded by our interpretations. Many times, as dental professionals we sometimes make false assumptions regarding what the patients true concerns are, we focus on what we see as the problem rather than asking. How do we begin to understand the values and concerns if we spend so much time telling patients what their problem is?

This exercise gives an interesting perspective on how to relate with your patients where they are, not where you want them to be. This will drive more curiosity and trust as patients feel heard and understood and move towards collaborative patient centered care.

Print intraoral images of a random patient case for the entire team. Hand out to each team member and for five minutes have each team member provide a treatment plan using just the images they see before them. Write down any concerns and treatment that they see needed.

Share with the group. Were there differences on team members perceptions? Similarities? Did this lead to discussions regarding treatment possibilities that you may not have considered?

Exercise # 67: Practice Co-discovery with your team.