Team Building Exercise #69

Is your practice healthy? Every day we assess the needs and challenges of our team members and clients but how often are you taking the time to assess the health of the practice? Start your year off on a positive note by looking at opportunities for practice growth and increased patient assessment and care.

This week, print out your reports from the prior year. What opportunities do you see? Are there team members that appear to be excelling at patient conversion? If so why?

Like periodontal charting, these business reports give us the health of the practice. What ways can you or your team mates facilitate practice health and goals? What is hindering you?

There is significant value in sharing the financial health of the practice with the team. The team brings ideas, innovation, creativity and dedication to help the practice reach it’s long and short-term goals.

In reviewing and assessing practice metrics you can become proactive instead of reactive.

Exercise # 69: Print your year end reports and share with the team. Discuss and plan actionable steps to improve the financial health of the practice.