Team Building Exercise #70

Initiative mapping’s purpose in a practice is to create collaboration, accountability and become more aligned as a team. The process is to map out everything that is being done, who is doing it and identify who is helping who with what. This creates clarity about what is working or not working in the practice. Identify who started the initiative because that individual holds the vision, understands the commitment needed to achieve the goal and knows when the project is complete. When finished it should look like a family tree or a river system.

Take a moment with your team and breakdown a few connections and links to map out where collaborations are made. Have one team member list a task that they are challenged with.

What help do they need?

Has someone agreed to help?

What have they agreed to help with?

Why have they agreed to help?

Map it out for all to see. Did you notice any opportunities to help others or did it drive clarity and understanding?

Exercise # 70: Create an Initiative map on a practice project.